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Update on June 24, 2010

The autumn league match was also ended with no problems in the 2008 fiscal year.

December 21
Panasonic -denkou-hai The 63rd time Every day Koshien ball As in NAGAI
The university championship match was held.
Hosei University Pair Ritsumeikan University
It is grat GAME!
It is 19-8.
Ritsumeikan University
was won!
The right to participate in a rice bowl was acquired.

And it is on January 3, 2009.
A rice bowl (Japanese championship) is performed.
Student representation
The Panthers, Ritsumeikan University
Member-of-society X league representation,
Panasonic denkou impulse,
It comes out and breaks.
For the first time in and the 3rd championship were finished for five years.
Student Pair Member of society Game
A student's freshness and a member of society,
Contrast with the mature play
Is it very interesting?

Is it good also as for an American football community this year to rise further?

July 25, 2009,
University of Notre Dame
A game with the representative of Japan is held.
A place is TOKYO DOME!
It is pleasure very much!
The supervisor of University of Notre Dame,
Mr. Loo Holts.
The receiving supervisor of the representative of Japan,
It is Director Mori.
The quarterback of that tradition,
It is said that Mr. Joe Montana also comes.


The representative of Japan!!

K/P 1 Kanechika Yosuke serving -- や it needs -- become empty Obic seagals Kokushikan University 185 85 25
LB 2 Furusho Naoki こしょう In addition, it comes. Obic seagal Ritsumeikan University 172 84 28
WR 3 Hasegawa 昌泳 HASEGAWA しょ -- a top -- it is -- Matsushita Electric Works impulse Ritsumeikan University 183 83 24
DL 5 Yamanaka Masaki Inside of ま まさ means Matsushita Electric Works impulse Ritsumeikan University 177 98 27
DB 8 Watanabe Male 1 Cotton なべ ゆういち Obic seagal Senshu University 173 72 33
QB 9 波木 Kentaro なみき けんた wax Asahi Breweries silver star Waseda University 185 92 25
WR 11 Togura Kazuya grinding -- ず Hosei University トマホークス The Komaba school quantity 173 76 21
QB 13 Tomizawa A 1 It is rich and is ざわ. ゆういち The ONWARD sky ラークス Nihon University 180 83 33
WR 15 Maeda Naoteru It is a front. In addition, it comes. The Panthers, Ritsumeikan University Toba quantity 175 80 21
DB 16 Nomura Masahiro Unevenness まさひろ Matsushita Electric Works impulse Kwansei Gakuin University 178 90 35
WR 17 Nakajima 佑 Inside じま ゆう Asahi Breweries silver star Kwansei Gakuin University 186 85 25
QB 18 Takada Tetsuo Method of た てつお Matsushita Electric Works impulse Ritsumeikan University 180 82 25
RB 20 Furuya Takuya To た to shake Or [ it cooks ] Obic seagals Kansai University 173 80 30
DB 21 ball ノ 井 Yasumasa being occasional -- it is -- すまさ Obic シーガルズ Josai University 178 80 33
RB 22 Ishino 仁 size いし まさひろ Matsushita Electric Works impulse Kansai University 170 70 27
DB 24 Sano Chuya さ It merely becomes. The Kashima day アーズ Nihon University 177 80 29
WR 25 Maeda This [ 1 ] It is a front. ずゆき The ONWARD sky ラークス Keio University 174 75 29
LB 29 Tsukada Masakatsu It is in つ. まさ means Obic seagals Ritsumeikan University 175 90 23
LB 30 east Kentaro あずま けんた wax Matsushita Electric Works impulse Kinki University 180 94 27
RB 31 Sugisawa Koji It passes and is さわ. It develops. The ONWARD sky ラークス Tokai University 173 76 29
DB 34 Kudo 建太 くどう けんた Asahi Breweries silver star University of Tsukuba 179 76 32
DB 35 Nagata 健 ながた けん All Mitsubishi Lyons Ritsumeikan University 180 78 26
DB 36 Miyake Goji seeing -- being discolored -- excelling -- carrying out -- The Asahi drink チャレンジャーズ Ritsumeikan University 182 78 23
Inside of LB 42 Maki Takashi It winds and strikes. It is made to cook. The Kashima day アーズ Niigata University 175 82 25
DL 43 Wakizaka Kang Sheng Near さ すお Matsushita Electric Works impulse Nihon University 183 113 37
WR 44 Amaya 亮仁 あまや Vacancy 1 IBM Big Blue University of Tsukuba 182 86 34
LB 45 Suzuki 將 1 郎 すずき しょういち wax FUJITSU chlorofluocarbon ティアーズ Senshu University 180 88 27
DB 47 Terada 隆将 It is て et al. It dies in た. Obic seagals Osaka City University 178 78 32
DL 52 佐岡 truth -- 2 Pole しんじ Asahi Breweries silver star Kwansei Gakuin University 182 107 24
DL 53 Hirai a machine -- this ひらい と -- dying -- FUJITSU chlorofluocarbon ティアーズ Ritsumeikan University 181 95 25
OL 57 Kuramochi Kazuhiro く rice cake ずひろ The Kashima day アーズ University of Tsukuba 185 125 25
DL 59 Miwa 泰督 みわ すよし Matsushita Electric Works impulse Ritsumeikan University 182 97 28
OL 66 Sekino 真記雄 Cough winding -- The ONWARD sky ラークス Tokyo University of Agriculture 185 131 29
OL 68 Murai Yuta むらい ゆうた The Kashima day アーズ Waseda University 186 125 24
OL 70 Yamagishi Itsuhito まぎ(ing) -- already -- と -- Asahi Breweries silver star Teikyo University 189 120 29
OL 72 Murakami 崇就 unevenness -- seeing -- た -- remarkable IBM Big Blue Tokyo International University 191 115 29
OL 73 Izawa 健 It is わ if compelled. けん The Kashima day アーズ Nippon College of Physical Education 185 117 26
OL 75 Miyamoto 士 It is also as みや. つかさ Obicseagals Chuo University 185 120 30
OL 79 Hiramoto Haruhisa It is also as ひ and others. はるひさ The Asahi drink チャレンジャーズ Yamanashi Gakuin University 185 120 29
WR 80 Yoneyama Akitsugu やま It develops. FUJITSU chlorofluocarbon ティアーズ Nippon College of Physical Education 181 80 24
WR 83 spring water 謙 It does not permeate. けん Obic seagals Senshu University 173 74 27
TE 87 黛 Takuo Finishing [ eyebrows ] I will pull in. Asahi Breweries silver star University of Tokyo 181 86 28
TE 88 Hashizume Yasuhiro It carries out and is eye づ. すひろ Asahi Breweries silver star Kyoto University 185 85 31
DL 92 Kihira Mitsunori きひ et al. It gets 3s. Obic seagals Ritsumeikan University 183 112 24
DL 96 Yoneda Takayuki だ It dies in た. Asahi Breweries silver star Tokyo Institute of Technology 183 123 27

The members of the staff

[Representative team staff of Japan]
Supervisor: Abe Toshiaki/あべ It gets tired of carrying out (Asahi Breweries silver star).
Attack coach: Woods Kiyoyuki/Pile. きよゆき (the Kashima day アーズ)
Angle Shingo/End. しんご (Asahi Breweries silver star)
Ichinose せ of 1-/いち It begins (the ONWARD sky ラークス).
Omura Kazuteru/-- おお -- unevenness ずき (Obic シーガルズ)
defense coach: Ohashi sincerity/-- おお -- end まこと (Obic seagals )
Matsuba Toshio / ば for which it waits と -- carrying out -- (Obic seagals )
Tsuda They are 慶祐/つ. けいすけ (FUJITSU chlorofluocarbon ティアーズ)
Itoi Truth Ichiro / いとい しんいち wax (Asahi Breweries silver star)
Doctor: Fujitani Hiroto/ふじ ひろ (St. Marianna University School of Medicine)
Trainer: Okuma Shigenobu / ま to set It carries out and is ぶ (ROCBULL) of げ.
Yoshinaga Takanori / means なが It gets in た (Obic seagals ).
Kawai Hirotsugu/or わい ひろつぐ (Asahi Breweries silver star)
Ebihara Takahito/shrimps た or 1 (the Kashima day アーズ)
manager: Yamagami 浩範/and ま -- seeing -- ひろ paste (the ONWARD sky ラークス)
Yoshida They are Katsumitsu/means. まさ 3 (Asahi Breweries silver star)
Ito Akio/いとう あきing bored -- (the Kashima day アーズ)
Sasaki Yoichi / さ point it needs -- いち (Obic seagals )
Specialist: Portable shrine 亮/Exceed. まこと (FUJITSU chlorofluocarbon ティアーズ)

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American football Japan It is the website which aids the spread of American football American football.

American football Japan It is the website which aids the spread of American football American football.

American football Japan It is the website which aids the spread of American football American football.

American football Japan It is the website which aids the spread of American football American football.