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American football tactical introduction

Tactics of an offense team (attack)

Pass Laon special
I formation
One back
No back
Double tight end
T formation
Lonely center
Spread offense
Beer system
Wish bone
Bunche formation

Tactics of a defense team (defense)

Defense which specialized in defense and the path which specialized in the run
Goal line defense

Tactics of a special team (kick)

Normal punt
Normal kick
On-side kick

Fake punt
Fake field goal

Tactics about time


Motivation is also among tactics.

A person with captaincy,
It is QB if it is an offense.
Although LB makes a tactical decision if it is a defense
From a sideline
There are also many teams to which the members of a coach send a sign.
It is not concerned with tactics.
Are the talented people who can raise the morale of the player under play indispensable?
When winning,
Furthermore, like [ which can be concentrated ],
When having lost
Like [ which can turn a vector towards plus ],
It excelled in circumstantial judgment.
I want to throw in a player with human power.

Tactics just before a game end
Three American football enters by six points and the field goal by touchdown. The sake,
In the game with which 点差 was balanced
The timing of a kick and the method of consumption of time
Victory or defeat are influenced greatly.

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