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The rule of American football

rough rule -- feeling -- ?
Those who had seen American football in television and the ground of a school also think whether to come. But is "well incomprehensible [ ... ] although it understands that there is very nothing" っていう's the honest comment of the direction which it began to see?

If it says roughly

It is an "encampment game."
Together with Rugby or soccer.
a ball is put into a partner position (it has and goes) -- rubbing -- O.K.

It is easy!

Is it divided into an attack and defense?
It is divided.
an attack and defense -- both are 11 persons at a time
But it is in a team with little number.
If it does not serve both as an attack and defense, there are also many teams whose game is impossible.

Incidentally, it is a "special team".

There is also a team to say.
It is important.
Although it is simple, it touches down by from 1.
It is alike and is the connected team with the importance which opts for a game.
When I also begin American football,
It had come out in the special team well.

Soccer Rugby is resembled.

It is considerably alike.
The man of the person experienced in soccer Rugby is the sport which is easy to enter.

How. [ a score ]

How to take a point is foundations and two patterns.
1: If it runs with a ball to a partner position, six-point get can be carried out.
2: They are three points when it lets between poles pass by kick.
Incidentally the six-point pattern is called "touchdown."
Then, the chance of bonus point acquisition is also obtained!
It is one point by kick! They are two points when it touches down once again!

Furthermore, it is the ball career (people with the ball) of an attack team at the time of defense.
If it pushes down in a partner end zone (very back)
It says and goes into two points and the defense.

Moreover, a ball is taken from an attack team.
Even if it goes into an end zone

A defense team can also score.

What is changed is freedom.

One play finishes.
If it is until the next play starts
It can take the place any number of times.

A rule changes.
Every year, it changes finely.
But there is no change of a rough rule until now.

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