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I will make the body!

Training of a head is important!

Let's make the body!

Direction damaged in Rugby until now,
American football may be able to be begun quite smoothly.
It is made to spread.
Direction which does not have the other sport or movement experience,
A helmet and a shoulder are attached and played suddenly,
It is dangerous!
In order to protect its own body,
Let's attach a protector called muscles to the body!

The muscles
Furthermore, good performance is produced!

For making the body.

It is based also on a position.

The position to tackle.
The position tackled.
The position which seldom hits with people.

But the position which does not surely have a hit (hit) is since there is nothing.
I want to make the body.

Especially, it is a head.

A head is the very important part which fixes the head.

-> tackled
Falling ->
The head is shaky and the head is struck to the ground.
Serious condition, such as -> brain concussion. . .
The case to say,
It may be.

Let's surely train a head.

For performing sufficient performance
Firm preparation is required.

In order to build the body

A meal, sleep, and training,
Balance is good.
Let's fully carry out.
A meal is ! fully.
Training is also ! fully.
Sleep is also ! fully.
Although it is what to carry out
Time and expense are restricted.
since -- do you want to perform making the efficient body?

Protein ?!

I also think whether it comes a certain to have drunk the protein until now.

Direction which is not,

"What and ? [ it ] medicine ちゃう."
Or [ considering very ].

Do you want to take in amino acid (BCAA) efficiently?
Of course, the に which does not forget moisture, either.

It is different.

A protein is a supplement.
Powdered protein

Also me who say,
It is enthusiastic and goes to a neighboring sporting-goods store.
When it brings back to ウチ,
To a mother
"-- what -- ? [ it ] そん -- being caught in what 飲ん -- すん -- !! -- "
I may be scolded. . .

Mr. Meiji Seika, Mr. Glico, etc.,
Since the domestic maker is also manufacturing and selling
Is also buying the thing of such brands also good?

It is a nutrient by the overseas obscurity maker etc. especially recently.
し [ it hears that there is also a thing containing the dangerous ingredient ].

Do you want to make it your own body and large OFF?

About training

It is if it already goes into the team of American football.
Asking the senior of the team may also be good.

I want to carry out still better training.
Those by whom it is full of the ambition to say,
If it refers to "training"
A good site may be found.

The page which summarized training also into this site after this is due to be created.

About sleep
Let's sleep well.
A sleep obstacle and such direction,
Moreover, please consult the doctor.
For the time being, a line training is carried out.
It is whether to be able to sleep if it gets tired!

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He has also used regularly for three years.
Condition is very good if it drinks before and after practice and before sleeping!
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